After an EMP takes down the power grid and all means of communication, Ben Walker sets off on a 100 mile journey to get home to his family and protect their farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  With danger lurking around every corner, he finally arrives home only to discover that one of his family members is still missing.

As panic sets in for many people in the area, will the Walkers survive?  Will Ben be able to protect his family against the gang that has begun robbing and terrorizing the community?  Even more importantly, will Ben find his daughter?

And so begins the search for Ben and Audra's sixteen-year-old daughter Samantha, who is on her own harrowing journey home as told in the previous book, 75 Miles.

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Mike and Angie Davis were just regular, hard-working people who enjoyed the outdoors in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Their little community, hidden away in the pines, was the perfect place to raise a family—until everything, everywhere, went dark.

The nearby town of Spearfish had always been quiet and peaceful. That’s where everything was—the schools, the grocery stores, the restaurants… and, just like most little towns, the people. Except the people didn’t stay there long once there were no lights, no heat, no food, and no law and order, due to an electro magnetic pulse decimating the country. 


If that wasn't difficult enough, Spearfish is invaded by foreign forces, and with the help of their contacts in town, Mike and Angie soon find out the sinister intentions of the military presence.  Their community would quickly learn the importance of protecting their homes and  their loved ones from both foreign and domestic threats.

Black Hills Fall is part of the October Fall series by Mark Loren and Boyd Craven, Jr., and offers a glimpse into what the world might look like if society collapsed and chaos ensued.


What if everything you knew came to an end in the blink of an eye?

Samantha finds herself stranded 75 miles away from home after an EMP decimates all critical infrastructures and cripples the power grid.  With the help of old family friends, she arms herself with a revolver and a pack full of supplies then strikes out to hike home. Seeking a direct and safe route, she chooses to cross the Black Hills forest, but quickly discovers it’s neither.   

With society collapsing further into chaos and anarchy by the hour, she comes face to face with the hardest reality that once good people will resort to evil deeds when desperate and with no one to police them.  

75 MILES is a story of survival, heroism, and the kindness of strangers when tragedy strikes.